Summer Party

palm tree cooler

Now that the sun is finally out, it’s time for summer fun. When the weather is good we have to make the most of it and a summer party is definitely the way to go. Having friends over for a relaxed evening, a barbecue and great music makes for the perfect summer’s afternoon or evening. To turn the party up a notch we have some great ideas for a summer themed party which are sure to impress. When put together, accessories, decorations, bright glasses and characteristic hats add to the atmosphere and show what an effort you have made to welcome your guests.


To get the party underway a refreshing cocktail always works and decorated with either traditional umbrella picks or straws always adds to the mood. Keeping drinks cold in an inflatable drinks cooler makes it easy for your guests to take drinks as they please and handing out shot glasses on a necklace is sure to create a buzz. A barbecue is always a favourite way to eat at a summer party and theming the tableware just adds something special. Choose from our Masters of The Grill or Watermelon range which includes plates and napkins and can be co-ordinated with cutlery. For an extra bit of fun with your sausages and burgers garnish them with Beach Ball or Flip Flop Picks. Decorations really set the scene for a summer party and cutouts work really well. Beach and Beach Signs are a popular choice as are Seashells and a Dangling Sun. As well as this a Seaside Couple Stand In makes a fantastic decoration and will bring a lot of enjoyment for a photo opportunity.  To finish off the summer look everybody loves to wear a pair of glasses and Beer Glasses, Hawaiian Margarita and Neon Wayfarers which are available in a choice of colours are very cool. Traditional summer hats include Straw Cowboy, Beachcomber with Flowers as well as a Straw Boater and add an effortless look to wear at a summer event.


To get ready for your party check out our various delivery options including next day for any last minute plans or if you are waiting on the weather.

Are you hosting a Summer Party this year? We would love to hear about any summer parties that you are either having or going to.


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