St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

 St. Patrick’s Day is on Thursday 17th March and started as a Religious Feast Day for the Patron Saint of Ireland. This date is the anniversary of his death. St. Patrick’s Day has now become a public holiday in Ireland and is celebrated by Irish around the world. Nowadays it is an international festival celebrating Irish culture and traditions. There are parades, dancing and special food such as corned beef, cabbage and Irish soda bread which looks great served on St. Patrick’s Day themed tableware. The Shamrock is the floral emblem of Ireland and can be seen displayed everywhere on St. Patrick’s Day as well the colour green. Drinking Irish Beer and Whiskey is another tradition enjoyed on this day


Foil Shamrock Cutout                                                  St Patricks Card Cutout Faces

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in many ways wherever you are and we have loads of ideas and St. Patrick’s Day party stuff to help you add to the festivities.  St. Patrick’s Day Decorations are the perfect place to start  however you are celebrating. Garlands, Banners and Whirls look effective whether they are put up in a pub, bar, restaurant or at home to show you are celebrating St. Patricks Day and always impress at any St. Patrick’s Day Party. A Foil Shamrock, St. Patrick’s Day Faces and Cutout Irish Flag make fantastic Decorations for St. Patricks’s Day as does a  Jointed Leprachaun all of which capture the spirit of the day. For easy, simple shopping St. Patrick’s Day party packs are just the thing and are available in value, standard, large and deluxe to suit any size party. Decorations are not the only way to enjoy a party,  wearing St. Patrick’s Day Accessories such as a St. Patrick’s Day Headbopper, Shamrock Glasses or Beads with a shot glass is really good fun and they also make great giveaways at a St. Patrick’s Day themed party. St. Patrick’s Day Hats are always a good choice and  the Green Velour Bowler is always a popular option as is the Happy St Patrick’s Day BowlerFlags are a must and we have a great range to choose from all adding to the atmosphere of the event.  Irish Hand Held Flags are perfect to wave at a parade and Irish, St. Patrick’s Day and Shamrock Flags are ideal themed flags.

St Patrick's Day Headbopper            Shamrock Glasses

There is still time to get all your St. Patrick’s Day party novelties ready for the festivities and with our various delivery options you will everything you need in time to celebrate.

Green Velour Bowler Hat                    St Patrick's Day Flag 5ft x 3ft

How will you be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and using these St. Patrick’s Day Party Goods?



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