St. George’s Day Party

St. George’s Day is on April 23rd and is also known as The Feast of St. George. St. George is the Patron Saint of England and St. George’s Day is commemorated on this day as it is believed that April 23rd was the date of St. George’s death. St. George was thought of as a special protector of the English.  He has more recently been selected as the Patron Saint of Scouting.  During World War II King George VI established the St. George Cross for outstanding acts of civilian valour. There is a famous story of St. George coming off of his horse to save a princess by slaying a dragon on foot. It customary on this day to fly the St. George’s Flag and to wear a red rose in a lapel which is the National Flower.

England Flag 5ft x 3ft With Eyelets For Hanging                                       England St George Plastic Bunting

Celebrating St. George’s Day with friends is always good fun and we have lots of St. George’s Day party ideas to help you. Many pubs, bars and restaurants hang traditional St. George’s Day bunting and flags which are also perfect for any St. George’s themed party at home. St. George’s hand waving flags are also ideal to wave or use as St. George’s decorations alongside table flags. St. George’s Day Decorations really add atmosphere and nothing shows this more than British Cutouts and Royal King & Queen Jointed Cutouts. Using various accessories such as a St. George’s Cape and Glasses is a cool way to get dressed up for the festivities and red and white hairspray always gets you noticed and ready for a great party even before the night is underway.  A St. George’s Day Bowler Hat is always a favourite item to wear and can be worn for other events as well, wigs are also a popular choice. There are different options for St. George’s Day party packs giving a choice of size and products, these party packs are distinctive and contain classic products.

Bowler Plastic Hat St. George's/England               St. George's/England Glasses         St. George/England Supporters Wig, Red And White

Our delivery options allow you to plan for St. George’s Day in plenty of time to get your party or event ready.

British Cutouts Printed On Both Sides 40.64 cm (4 In A Pack)                                  Royal King And Queen Joined Cutouts 91.44 cm (2 in a pack)

How will you be celebrating St. George’s Day this year?



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