School Prom Party Ideas

Prom King/Queen Plastic Jeweled King's Crown  Gold(1)

School Proms are an exciting and much anticipated event. After the stress and hard work of exams it is great to have the Prom to look forward to. Proms usually take place in June or July and seem to get bigger and better each year. School Proms are either held in the school hall or often in a club or hotel. This is the big opportunity to get dressed up in formal wear and many people hire Limousines to arrive in. A school Prom is a major milestone and takes a lot of work and organising to put together this special party. A huge tradition of the Prom is the having the Prom King and Queen and presenting them with sashes and crowns. A Prom Queen and Prom King Sash is such a big seller and we have a choice of colours to suit, we also have a fantastic Prom Crown to finish off the look.
Prom King Satin Sash (1)                                                 Prom Queen Pink Satin Sash

Prom night decorations transform your venue and add to the party atmosphere. Wherever your Prom is, either a school hall or hotel our Prom Party Decorations such as foil curtains look cool. Prom themes and decorations make an impact and themed packs such as Hollywood, Casino or School Days are vivid and distinctive. They make choosing easy and help to give loads of ideas. Photo Booths are a fun way to keep memories of your School Prom and our kits add a hilarious touch. Props for Photo Booth include Cowboy, Princess and Pirate, they work well as individual packs or mixed together. Glow in the Dark Party Supplies are always a good choice to give out during the evening and never fails to impress. Our range includes Glow Sticks in various colours, Bracelets and Necklaces. Prom flashing items are also a good choice to hand out and flashing necklaces such as Jelly Starball, Guitar and Mobile Phones are ideal Prom Party ideas.

Princess Photo Booth Kit                                                       Pirate Photo Booth Kit

If you are already planning your School Prom and want exciting Prom Party Stuff then we have loads of products to help you and you have time to take advantage of our various delivery options.

Glow In The Dark Light Sticks                                                             Flashing Jelly Starball Necklace

Are you planning a School Prom this year? We would love to hear your ideas.


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