The Queen’s 90th Birthday

The Queens 90th birthday is April 21st and she will be celebrating at Windsor Castle but June is when the festivities will be in full swing. June 11th is Trooping of the Colour. June 12th will see a giant Street Party in the Mall with entertainment and this will celebrate the Queens Patronage of charities. There will also be Street Parties, teas and get-togethers up and down the country paying tribute to The Queen on this very special occasion.

Union Jack Party Decoration Pack - Large                                             Union Jack Party Accessory Pack - Large

Everybody loves a Royal Event which always brings community spirit and a sense of togetherness as well as a lot of fun. We have a fantastic selection of Union Jack merchandise as well as lifesize cardboard cutouts and masks of The Queen which always impress guests at a Royal Do. To keep to the Royal theme setting your table using The Queen’s 90th birthday tableware  always looks stunning. Union Jack Cascades make ideal table decorations and go really well with Union Jack Plates and Cups which can be co-ordinated with red, white and blue Cutlery and Napkins. Street Party Packs have all you need for the celebrations, choose from Accessory or Decoration Packs or combine the two. They are also available in various sizes depending on how many people you have.  Whether you are putting on a street party or having a tea at home no Royal Party would be complete without Union Jack Bunting. This traditional British decoration is always a favourite as is flying the Union Jack Flag to show your patriotism. It is always customary to see Union Jack Bowler Hats being worn to enjoy at any street party and The Queen’s 90th birthday is no exception. Union Jack Party Hats always add to the atmosphere bringing lots of fun. Union Jack Accessories such as Glasses and a Plastic Tie also have the effect.

Queen Elizabeth Lifesize Cardboard Cutout                Queen Elizabeth Face Mask.                        Queen Elizabeth with Headscarf Face Mask.

There is still time to plan how you are going to honour The Queen on her 90th birthday and take full use of our delivery options to ensure you have everything you need on time.

Union Jack Flag  5ft x 3ft                         Union Jack Flag Bunting 6mtr 100% Poly

Are your plans for the Queen’s 90th birthday underway yet? We would love to hear what get-togethers you are planning.



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