American Independence Day Party Ideas


USA American Flag  3ft X 2ft  (100% Polyester) With Eyelets For Hanging                  USA Hand Held Flag
American Independence Day is celebrated on the 4th July and honours the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776, 13 American colonies became a new nation, The United States of America. This day is also known as Fourth of July and July Fourth and is a national holiday with schools and workplaces closing. This is a great day to celebrate with family and friends and is characteristically spent having barbeques, picnics, baseball games and going to parades and firework displays where it is typical to see USA Hand Waving Flags being waved and to wear USA Headboppers and USA Hats such as Top Hats and Glitter Cowboy Hats.

Plastic Top Hats with USA Band                            Glitter Cowboy Hat USA Star's n Stripe's

Independence Day Decorations play a big part in the festivities and are classically red, white and blue. Whether you are decorating your home to be patriotic or having an American Independence Day Theme Party we have loads of decoration ideas for you. Stars & Stripes Bunting is the perfect place to start and is a great traditional decoration which is ideal for any venue as are a USA Flag which are available in different sizes as well as styles which include Confederate, American Truck and Eagle. USA Party Decorations really add fun to your theme, they are vivid and impress your guests with the effort that you have made. USA Cutouts include American Pride, Patriotic Stamp and American Flag as well as Miss Liberty and Washington DC. Stars & Stripes Decorations such as a USA Star Stringer and Ceiling Decoration are very distinctive of the occasion. American Flag Whirls and a USA Streamer are fantastic USA party decorations along with Independence Day Party Packs which are always a popular choice and capture the essence of American Independence Day.

American Pride Cutouts                                 Washington DC Cutouts (4/pkg)


Take advantage of our delivery options to still have time to order American Independence Day party products to add to your theme whether you are having a party at home or hosting an event at a bar, restaurant or pub.

Stars & Stripes Ceiling Decor 12" x 12'
American Flag Whirls 3'
How are you celebrating Fourth of July ?



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