Summer Parties

Now that summer is finally upon us and we have lovely warm days and nights it is time for some summer parties. This is the ideal time to have a summer themed party or turn any barbeque coming up into a summer theme. The perfect way to spend summer time is with friends, chilling with a few drinks and good food. We have lots of summer themed accessories, decorations, glasses and hats to add atmosphere and fun to any summer celebrations.

Inflatable Beachball Large (approx 50cms)                                                       Sea Side Couple Stand-In

Flip Flops are the most comfortable and easy to wear shoes to wear to a summer party. They make great give-aways to hand out to your guests to add to the mood of the party and a great excuse for the women to wear instead of their summer heels. Putting out Beach Balls and Inflatable Palm Trees creates the perfect summer look as do decorations such as a Dangling Sun, a Jointed Surfboard and Beach Sign Cutouts and really impress your friends.  A Seaside Stand In Couple is really good fun for those photo opportunities and adds to the memories of the party or get-together. With our disposable tableware you will be able to enjoy the party with very little washing up to worry about, choose from plain colours or our BBQ range or co-ordinate them for a great look. To make sure you always have a drink handy look at our Test Tube Shot Glasses on a necklace, always popular! Wearing accessories always get the party underway, look cool in Wayfarer Glasses with a choice of lenses, either Mirrored, Dark or Clear or even a pair of Hawaiian Margarita Glasses. A Straw Fedora or a Hawaiian Straw Beachcomber Hat always make for a good look. We also have a huge range of Hawaiian Products which are also fantastic to use at any Summer Party.

Dangling Sun Decoration                           Beach Sign Cutouts

Take advantage of the weather and enjoy the summer with our choice of delivery options you can have everything you need in time for some summer fun.

Straw Fedora Hat with Neon Green Trim                                                Pink Neon Wayfarer Glasses

Have you got any summer parties or barbeques planned this year?


Olympic Games 2016

The Olympic Games is being held this year in Rio from 5th – 21st August and is also being known as Rio 2016.  The Olympics is a massive event celebrated worldwide with countries participating in many sporting events. The Summer Olympics are held every four years and are motivated by the ancient Olympic Games that were held in Olympia, Greece. The 1936 Summer Olympics held in Berlin were the first to be televised locally. There are many customs surrounding The Olympic Games which include the opening and closing ceremonies and the medal service where Athletes can win Gold, Silver or Bronze. The Olympic Torch and Olympic Flag also represent The Olympics and are easily recognisable.

Tissue Torch Decoration                                                      Bronze Medal with Ribbon

We here at Novelties Direct are very excited about The Olympic Games. If you are having a party this time of year it is a great idea to make it an Olympic themed party and we have loads of Olympic products for you to set the scene and impress your guests. Our products are suitable for any venue including bars, pubs and restaurants showing the events. Having friends over to watch the opening ceremony is always fun and you if you are not in Rio then you can still create the atmosphere at home. Country Bunting and Flags are always a popular choice and can be put anywhere, Hand Held Flags are great to wave whilst cheering your country on or any athlete while you watch them participating. Decorate your venue with Sports Party Rings and an Olympic Torch Cutout to instantly create The Olympic feel as well as International Decorations such as a Flag Ceiling Decoration, a Flag Banner, Whirls and Flag Cutouts. You can also show support for Team GB with a Union Jack Decoration Pack, Bowler Hats and Headboppers to wear. Wearing Masks to cheer on your country adds to the excitement and our masks include Spain, Italy and Germany or even wearing a traditional Roman Laurel Wreath adds some fun.  In addition to the International decoration theme we have International Flag Tableware available to really impress, such as International Flag Cups, Napkins and Tablecovers which can be matched with country tableware which includes Great Britain, Spain and Italy as well as plain colours, Red and White.

International Flag Whirls 3' 2"                International Flag Ceiling Decoration         Mini International Flag Cutouts

To get all the Olympic Party Supplies you need in time for the Olympic Games take advantage of our various delivery options.


 Union Jack Bowler Hat                                 Union Jack Head Bopper


Are you hosting or going to any Olympic Parties? Where will you be watching the opening and closing ceremonies?




Bastille Day Party Ideas

Bastille Day on 14th July is the National Holiday of France. This day commemorates the storming of the Bastille in 1789. The Bastille was a fortress prison in Paris and there were only seven inmates during the storming. The celebrations began in 1780, the year after the Revolution and were to signify peace. A parade takes place in Paris every year which began in 1880 and is the oldest and largest military parade in Europe. This is a televised event and a great opportunity to go along and show support waving a France Held Hand Flag. There are also many other public events as well as family picnics, dinners and get-togethers.

France Hand Held Flag                                         France  Flag 5ft x 3ft with eyelets for hanging

If you are not in France to celebrate Bastille Day do not worry we have loads of Bastille Day party products to bring the atmosphere of France to you. If you are having a Bastille Day themed party we have fantastic Bastille Day decoration ideas, suitable for any venue, to get your party going and add to the mood. Typical French decorations such as France Bunting, a French Flag and a large Eiffel Tower Cutout are popular choices.  French themed cutouts of France really create a traditional feel along with France themed accessories. Wearing characteristic accessories for a Bastille Day Party adds a real element of fun and a Frenchman Moustache, an Onion Garland and a Beret are perfect. With all of these Bastille Day Party Supplies and the option of a France Decoration Pack you will have all you need to celebrate Bastille Day and impress your guests with the effort that you have made.

Eiffel Tower Large Cardboard Cut-Out                                      French Cutouts Of France Printed On Both Sides 40.64cm (3 In A Pack)

With all of this to choose from take advantage of our delivery options to get all of your French themed products in time for Bastille Day.

Frenchman Moustache                                   Onion Garland Frenchman French Parisian

How will you be commemorating Bastille Day?