Valentine’s Day Themed Party

Valentine’s Day is on 14th February and is also known as St. Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. Typical symbols of this day include HeartsDoves and Cupid. Valentine’s traditions consist of sending cards anonymously showing or declaring your love. Sending presents is also customary as well as arranging romantic meals out or cooking something special. This is where Valentine’s Day Balloons are impressive. Sending a foil balloon saying ‘I Love You’ will put a smile on someone’s face, a great way to send one is among a bunch of heart foil balloons in plain colours such as Pink, Silver and Gold. As well as presents Valentine’s Day Balloons make fantastic Valentine’s Day decorations either at home or in restaurants or bars to create a Valentine’s Day Theme. In addition to this we also sell Helium Tanks which makes shopping for balloons effortless.

Valentine Heart Cutouts            Happy Valentine's Day Fringe Banner

If you are thinking about having a party at this time of year then a Valentine’s Day Party is an exciting idea. It is so easy to put together a classic colour scheme of red and white and with loads of distinctive St. Valentine’s Day Decorations to choose from, all suitable for any venue, you will create an amazing atmosphere.  Valentine Heart Cutouts together with Valentine’s Day Heart Garlands look perfect put up on the walls and Valentine’s Day Banners are a fun way to welcome guests and let them know where the party is, particular favourites are the Heart Sign Banner and the Metallic Fringe Happy Valentine’s Day Banner Valentine’s Garlands are always a good choice and Valentine’s Day Decoration Packs always make ordering easy and we have a choice of Standard, Large and Deluxe.  Valentine’s Party accessories are cool and always delight; Heart Glasses and Jumbo Heart Glasses are vibrant and add to the mood of the party. Valentines’ Photo Props are  ideal for creating memories whilst enjoying the festivities.

Gleam & Flex Heart Garland                              Valentine's Photo Props

See the joy on the face of your loved one to see a room decorated for them with lots of Valentine’s Day party products. Dangling Heart Whirls, Jumbo Heart Whirls, Red Confetti Hearts, Valentine Street Cutouts and Plain Hearts are just what you need to make Valentine’s Day special.

Dangling Heart Whirls                           Jumbo Heart Whirl Hanging Decoration


Now is the time to start planning your Valentine’s Day celebrations and our delivery options help you be organised and we also provide a next day delivery service for any last minute ideas.

Heart Glasses                                              Confetti Red Hearts Buy 1 get the other Free (2 x bag 84g)

Have you started thinking about how you will be spending Valentine’s Day? Maybe you are wining and dining the special person in your life or having a Valentine’s Day Themed Party for friends, either way we would love to hear from you.


Chinese New Year Party Ideas

Chinese New Year falls on 28th January and is the Year of the Rooster, this is the tenth animal in the cycle and also known as Red Chicken Year. Chinese New Year is also known as Spring Festival and each year is determined by one of twelve animals. This is a public holiday for the Chinese giving them seven days off from Chinese New Years Eve to the sixth day after Chinese New Years Day. The main days are New Years Eve and New Years Day. Shops, restaurants and businesses close although some supermarkets stay open with early closing. The night before New Year families have reunion dinners and clean their homes to sweep away bad luck. Chinese Decorations mainly in red are put on doors and windows. There is also entertainment which includes acrobatics, dance and music. Watching customary Lion Dances also takes place as well as ringing bells and the lighting of firecrackers. In London there is a traditional parade through the West End before getting to Chinatown which is great to watch.

2017 Year Of The Rooster Danglers 30"             2017 Year Of The Rooster Stringer 6' 6"

We have loads of Chinese New Year party ideas if you are having a China themed party. Chinese Party Products are a must and really get the party underway and shows your guests what an effort you have made. Chinese Decorations are the perfect place to start and as it is the Year of the Rooster, Rooster Stringers and Rooster Danglers are fantastic to put up in any venue. Whether you are having a party to celebrate Chinese New Year at home or in a restaurant China Table Flags make perfect table decorations. Enjoy the festivities with Oriental Fans, they do not only make fantastic giveaways they are also popular decorations and also look good laid out at everyone’s place at a table.  Good Luck Lanterns and Chinese Cultural Cutouts are needed to give a traditional look for a Chinese New Year Party. Dragons are always a typical Chinese decoration and we have a good selection including a Dragon Ceiling Decoration, Dragon Wall/Door Panel and a Jointed Dragon. Dressing up for any Chinese New Year event adds to the mood and a Chinese Coolie Hat or Mandarin Hat is ideal for this.

Good Luck Lanterns With Tassels                                             Oriental Hanging Garland

As well as these Chinese Decorations looking impressive you will get lots of satisfaction from seeing how much your guests enjoy them.

Chinese Cultural Cutouts (3 In A Pack)                         Oriental plastic hand held Fan 14cms


It is still not too late to order Chinese New Year party products, so check out our choice of Chinese New Year party supplies to find all you are looking for.

How are you celebrating Chinese New Year? We would love to hear from you.

Australia Day

Australia Day is on 26th January and is a National Holiday in Australia. This day also known as ‘Anniversary Day’ and ‘Foundation Day’ has only become a public holiday in recent times. In 1994 this day was officially declared as a regular holiday. Australia Day is celebrated in with friends and family getting together. There are festivals, concerts, picnics, barbeques, sports competitions and fireworks displays. This is also a day where people become Australian Citizens.

Australian Boomerang Cutouts                                Australian Outback Road Sign Cutouts

You do not have to be in Australia to celebrate Australia Day. There are many ways to enjoy the festivities and many pubs, bars and restaurants hold Australia Day Parties as well as private parties being hosted. To add to the atmosphere of an Australian themed party we have loads of fantastic Australian party products. Create the feel of Australia with great Australian Decorations, Cutouts are the ideal choice and include Boomerang Cutouts, Road Signs and The Outback Sign. Australian Inflatable’s are always popular and add to the Australian party decorations, an Inflatable Kangaroo and Snake are perfect examples. Australian Party Packs are contain a range of fun accessories and are available in two sizes to suit your needs. No Australian Themed Party would be complete without a Corkscrew Hat to look the part and do not forget to fly the Australian Flag to commemorate this day.

Inflatable Kangaroo Comes With Detachable Australia Flag                                            Inflatable Cobra Snake

There is still time to get all of your Australia Day party supplies using our choice of delivery options including a next day delivery service.

Australian Flag 5ft x 3ft With Eyelets For Hanging                                              Corkscrew Hat Australia

Where are you on Australia Day? How will you be celebrating?

Burns Night

Burns Night takes place on 25th January and celebrates the Scottish Poet Robert Burns whose famous works include Auld Lang Syne. The classic way to honour this occasion is to have a supper. This can be a formal or informal evening which typically involves a traditional Scottish meal of Haggis, drinking Scottish Whiskey and reciting the works of Robert Burns and also includes the playing of the Bagpipes.

Tartan Tam O'Shanter with Ginger Fur Hair    Kilt - Red TartanTartan Bow Tie


Whichever atmosphere you are trying to create for your Burns Night event we have fantastic Scottish Party Products for you to enjoy. A Burns Night Party is the perfect time to enjoy a get-together with friends and family. To get the party in full swing our traditional Tartan Kilt, Tam ‘O Shanter Hats and Bow Ties are the perfect accessory to wear to add to the Scottish Theme. Impress your guests with Scottish Themed Decorations such as Bunting and a Leaf Garland and putting up Balloons always adds to the fun of the party. The Scottish Flag is great to hang as part of a Scottish Party for Burns Night and never fails to impress. Our Scotland Party Pack is a fantastic fun choice for a Burns Night Party.

Scotland Lion Flag 5ft x 3ft With Eyelets For Hanging                                       Scotland/St Andrews Flag 5ft x 3ft With Eyelets For Hanging

For all your Burns Night Party Supplies look no further than Novelties Direct and our shipping options give you plenty of time to order.

Scotland Party Pack                                  Decoration Blue/White Leaf Garland

How will you be enjoying the festivities of Burns Night? We would love to hear from you.