Comic Relief Fun

Comic Relief or Red Nose Day as it is also known is on 24th March and is a night filled with entertainment and fun all to raise money for many charities. The first Red Nose Day was on 5th February and hosted by Lenny Henry and it is still going strong today.  As well as watching your favourite celebrities and comedians it is also an opportunity to donate and fund raise yourself. There are many ways to take part from arranging your own events to having friends over for a get-together to enjoy the fun.

Nose Red Clown Sponge                             70s Funky Curly Afro Wig, Red


If you are having friends over for a Comic Relief themed party it is cool to stick to the Red Theme of the occasion. Impress your guests by putting up Red Decorations such as a Red Foil Curtain, a Red Tissue Ball, and a Red Tissue Garland. Red Balloons always look effective and a combination of Stars and  Heart Balloons look fantastic. Dressing Up in Comic Relief party accessories adds to the atmosphere of the event with a Red Nose being the perfect starting point and our Sponge Clown Nose  worn together with a Red Afro Wig is ideal. Hats are always a favourite and a Red Bowler Hat, a Red Glitter Top Hat and a Jester Hat all fit the Comic Relief Theme. Glasses are a popular accessory and a Wayfarer with Moustache, Droopy Eyes and Giant 70’s Specs are hilarious. Red Make Up and Red Hair Spray is very distinctive for Comic Relief and adds to the festivities. Wearing a Red Cocktail Eye Mask is a great disguise and Red Beads are effortless to wear whilst still taking part in Comic Relief.

Black Wayfarer Glasses with Attached Moustache                  Giant Seventies Rock Specs In Gold                     Droopy Eyes Glasses On Springs

There is still time to get all of your Comic Relief Party Products to add to the mood of the night and get your Comic Relief Party underway.


Bowler Plastic Hat Red               Striped Jester Hat        Glitter Top Hat - Red


How will you be spending Comic Relief? We would love to hear about any events that you are planning.


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