Bastille Day Themed Party

Bastille Day on 14th July is the National Holiday of France. This day commemorates the storming of the Bastille in 1789. The Bastille was a fortress prison in Paris and there were only seven inmates during the storming. The Prison was destroyed within five months and there is now a monument on the site. The French now rejoice in all things representing France celebrating “liberty, equality, and fraternity.”  A parade takes place in Paris every year which is a great opportunity to go along and show support waving a France Held Hand Flag. There are also many other public events as well as family picnics, dinners and get-togethers.

France Hand Held Flag                        France  Flag 5ft x 3ft with eyelets for hanging

If you are not in France to celebrate Bastille Day we have all the Bastille Day party products you need to bring the atmosphere of France to you. If you are having a Bastille Day themed party we have fantastic Bastille Day decoration ideas, suitable for any venue, to get your party going and add to the mood. Typical French Decorations such as an Embossed Foil Fleur De Lis Silhoutte Cutout, French Street Signs and a large Eiffel Tower Cutout are popular choices.  Flags are always a must for Bastille Day festivities, a France Flag is great to hang as a French Decoration and Table Flags add to the French Theme.  Wearing characteristic accessories for a Bastille Day Party adds a real element of fun and a Frenchman Moustache, an Onion Garland and a Beret are perfect. A French Man Set is ideal to wear and a Hairy Headband in Red, White & Blue will get you noticed.  With all of these Bastille Day Party Supplies you will have all you need to enjoy Bastille Day and impress your guests with the effort that you have made.

Onion Garland Frenchman French Parisian   French Street Sign Cardboard CutoutFrenchman Moustache

There is still time to get all of your French Bastille Day Party Novelties using our various delivery options including a next day delivery service for any last minute bits.

Eiffel Tower Large Cardboard Cut-OutFrench Cutouts Of France Printed On Both Sides 40.64cm (3 In A Pack)


How will you be commemorating Bastille Day?


Rainbow Pride Party

As the summer begins so does the start of many Pride Festivals throughout the country including London from the 24th June – 9th July with the main Parade being and events on the 8th July and Brighton from the 4th – 6th August. These are fantastic events and create awareness for the LGBT communities.  At Novelties Direct we are very excited about our new Rainbow Pride Range of Party Supplies which are great fun and add to the occasion. Rainbow Pride Flags are always a popular choice to wave particularly Hand Waving Flags at a parade or to use as decorations. Wearing a Flag Cape makes a real impression.

Rainbow (Gay Pride) Flag 5ft x 3ft With Eyelets                              Rainbow Pride Hand Waving Flag

Whether you are attending a Pride Event or having or going to a Rainbow Pride Themed Party we have lots of Rainbow Pride Accessories for you to choose from all really vivid and cool. For a distinctive look a Rainbow Sequin Fedora Hat or Bandana with Rainbow Glasses and a Rainbow Sweatband is just the thing. To add to that a Rainbow Bow Tie or Tie with Rainbow Braces completes the look. A Rainbow Sash is a simple to wear at any Pride Party and Rainbow Make Up is bright and makes an impact adding to the festivities.

Rainbow Sequin Fedora HatRainbow Glasses

There is still time to get all of your Rainbow Pride Party Novelties to get the party underway taking advantage of our various delivery options including a next day service for any last minute bits.


Rainbow Sweatbands                    Rainbow Neck Tie


Are you attending or hosting an event this year? We would love to hear from you.


Rainbow Sash