Hawaiian Theme

With the summer season in full swing so are Hawaiian Parties. This is certainly reflective of the amount of Hawaiian Party Products that we are sending out at the moment. Whether you are having a small Barbeque or get-together at home or a big Summer Party a Hawaiian Theme adds lots of fun and helps to get the party underway. Hawaiian Party Supplies are vibrant, traditional and cool. We have a huge range of fantastic Hawaiian Items which all make an impression and add to the mood of the event.


Bright Large Rainbow Lei       Hawaiian Flower Hairband     Hawaiian Headband and Wristband Set


All Hawaiian Parties start with Hawaiian Leis, they are easy to wear and perfect to either send out with an invitation for your guests to wear at your party, to hand out as guests arrive or to wear yourself when going to a party. Choose from Rainbow FlowersNeon or Single Colours and add Floral Wristbands and Headband to complete the look. Hawaiian Skirts are a classic Hawaiian look and we have a great selection including a Multi-Coloured Hula Skirt, a Hula with Flowers and a Neon Pink with Flowers which look lovely with a pair of Lennon style Glasses. Hawaiian Accessories always go down well and a Beachcomber Hat with Flowers and Luau Beads are effortless. To always make sure you are ready for the next drink a Shot Glass on a Beaded Necklace is the best idea. If you are going to a Hawaiian Themed Party in fancy dress then a Pink Hawaiian Shirt is a must for a characteristic look or alternatively you could go for a Beach Babe Vest, a Plastic Hula Hunk or a Hawaiian Beauty Costume. Hawaiian Inflatables are really enjoyable and add loads of colour, Beach BallsInflatable Parrots, a Pink Flamingo and a Palm Tree Cooler are always firm favourites. Hawaiian Decorations really set the scene for an exciting party and we have a great selection which includes a Door Cover, a Hawaiian Sign Cutout, a Jointed Surfboard and a Jointed Hula GirlHawaiian Bunting and Banners are a popular choice to put up to welcome your guests, opt for Hawaiian Aloha BuntingAloha Bunting HawaiianLuau Pennant Banner Bunting or Palm Tree Garland or have a selection, our range includes many more. Hawaiian Packs are always wanted and our Hawaiian Decoration Pack has all you need. Hawaiian Tableware is essential to complete the theme and as well as Luau Paper Cups Coconut CupsCocktail Umbrella Picks and Luau Straws give the summer vibes.

Hula skirt with Flowers - 60cms length     Hawaiian Pink Shirt (12345)Beachcomber Hat With Flowers

With our choice of delivery options including a next day service there is always time to get all of your Hawaiian Novelties.

Jointed Surfboard 5ft Tall Printed Both Sides (1 In A Pack)          Hawaiian Aloha Bunting         Hawaiian Decoration 'Palm Tree' Assorted Colour Garland (1)


Are you going to or having a Hawaiian Themed Party? We would love to hear from you.

Music Festival Party Supplies

Music Festivals are a huge part of summer and a real highlight to look forward to. Getting together with friends and enjoying performers is always good fun and perfect days to remember. Some well known Music festivals to attend are V Festival, Reading and Bestival as well as many local Festivals, often devoted to SeventiesEighties, Jazz or Rock.

Orange Neon Wayfarer Glasses Guitar Glasses - Gold & Red     Strawberry Design Glasses

A Music Festival is the perfect opportunity to get dressed up and to accessorise with fun, distinctive novelties. We have lots of ideas and a great range of products for you to choose from to get the atmosphere of the Music Festival in full swing. Look cool in fantastic Novelty Glasses such as Neon WayfarersGuitar Glasses and Strawberry Design GlassesHats are always a popular option especially Bandanas which can be worn in many different ways, go for traditional PaisleyPeace or Tie DyeGroovy Plastic Cowboy Hats are excellent and just in case the British weather does not hold up an Umbrella Hat is all you need.  Flower Garlands are always popular and effortless whilst adding a vibrant summer feel. Flower HairbandsAnklets & Bracelets and Neon Flower Garlands are just a few to opt for as well as a Flower Headband which looks lovely. Inflatables add to the enjoyment and everybody loves a Guitar and Microphone as well as Beach Balls and an Ice Lolly to add to the festival vibe. As the sun goes down Glow and Flashing items come into their own and look really effective. Flashing Foam Sticks together with Flashing Guitar Necklaces and Flashing Sequin Gangster Hats look really impressive and Glow Sticks and Animal Print Glow Sticks are bright and look good worn or to wave.

Bandanas   Hawaiian Flower Bracelet/Anklet ( 2)Flower Headband Garland - Multi-coloured

Be ready for this years Music Festivals by taking advantage of our different delivery options for all your Music Festival Party Supplies.

Inflatable Beach Ball Large (approx 50cms)Inflatable Microphones 40cmParty Inflatable Ice Lolly 50cm x 30cm


Which Music Festivals are you going to this year?  What Music festival Accessories will you be wearing? We would love to hear from you.


Animal Print Glow Sticks                                        Flashing Foam Stick

Bastille Day Themed Party

Bastille Day on 14th July is the National Holiday of France. This day commemorates the storming of the Bastille in 1789. The Bastille was a fortress prison in Paris and there were only seven inmates during the storming. The Prison was destroyed within five months and there is now a monument on the site. The French now rejoice in all things representing France celebrating “liberty, equality, and fraternity.”  A parade takes place in Paris every year which is a great opportunity to go along and show support waving a France Held Hand Flag. There are also many other public events as well as family picnics, dinners and get-togethers.

France Hand Held Flag                        France  Flag 5ft x 3ft with eyelets for hanging

If you are not in France to celebrate Bastille Day we have all the Bastille Day party products you need to bring the atmosphere of France to you. If you are having a Bastille Day themed party we have fantastic Bastille Day decoration ideas, suitable for any venue, to get your party going and add to the mood. Typical French Decorations such as an Embossed Foil Fleur De Lis Silhoutte Cutout, French Street Signs and a large Eiffel Tower Cutout are popular choices.  Flags are always a must for Bastille Day festivities, a France Flag is great to hang as a French Decoration and Table Flags add to the French Theme.  Wearing characteristic accessories for a Bastille Day Party adds a real element of fun and a Frenchman Moustache, an Onion Garland and a Beret are perfect. A French Man Set is ideal to wear and a Hairy Headband in Red, White & Blue will get you noticed.  With all of these Bastille Day Party Supplies you will have all you need to enjoy Bastille Day and impress your guests with the effort that you have made.

Onion Garland Frenchman French Parisian   French Street Sign Cardboard CutoutFrenchman Moustache

There is still time to get all of your French Bastille Day Party Novelties using our various delivery options including a next day delivery service for any last minute bits.

Eiffel Tower Large Cardboard Cut-OutFrench Cutouts Of France Printed On Both Sides 40.64cm (3 In A Pack)


How will you be commemorating Bastille Day?

Rainbow Pride Party

As the summer begins so does the start of many Pride Festivals throughout the country including London from the 24th June – 9th July with the main Parade being and events on the 8th July and Brighton from the 4th – 6th August. These are fantastic events and create awareness for the LGBT communities.  At Novelties Direct we are very excited about our new Rainbow Pride Range of Party Supplies which are great fun and add to the occasion. Rainbow Pride Flags are always a popular choice to wave particularly Hand Waving Flags at a parade or to use as decorations. Wearing a Flag Cape makes a real impression.

Rainbow (Gay Pride) Flag 5ft x 3ft With Eyelets                              Rainbow Pride Hand Waving Flag

Whether you are attending a Pride Event or having or going to a Rainbow Pride Themed Party we have lots of Rainbow Pride Accessories for you to choose from all really vivid and cool. For a distinctive look a Rainbow Sequin Fedora Hat or Bandana with Rainbow Glasses and a Rainbow Sweatband is just the thing. To add to that a Rainbow Bow Tie or Tie with Rainbow Braces completes the look. A Rainbow Sash is a simple to wear at any Pride Party and Rainbow Make Up is bright and makes an impact adding to the festivities.

Rainbow Sequin Fedora HatRainbow Glasses

There is still time to get all of your Rainbow Pride Party Novelties to get the party underway taking advantage of our various delivery options including a next day service for any last minute bits.


Rainbow Sweatbands                    Rainbow Neck Tie


Are you attending or hosting an event this year? We would love to hear from you.


Rainbow Sash

Armed Forces Day Party Ideas

Armed Forces Day is on Saturday 24th June and brings awareness as well as showing support to the Armed Forces. This is a unity of currently serving troops, service families, veterans and cadets and is made up of The Royal Navy, The British Army and the Royal Air Force. There are lots of events taking place all over the country with various activities, displays and demonstrations. Flags will be put up on buildings during the week leading up to Armed Forces Day. There are lots of ways to get involved in celebrating Armed Forces Day and we have lots of ideas for you as well as many Armed Forces Day party products for you to choose from.

Union Jack Flag  5ft x 3ft                     Support Our Troops Blue Flag 5ft x 3ft With Eyelets

If you are not attending organised events then having your own party is a great way to show support for the troops. Whether it is a street party, a BBQ, a picnic in the park or just having friends over it will add to the understanding of Armed Forces Day. Union Jack products are a very popular choice for Armed Forces Day and the perfect way to theme your event. Union Jack Hand Held Flags are ideal to wave at any display or street party and Union Jack Flags can be put up at any venue and are available in different sizes, these flags really compliment the traditional decoration of bunting which can be bought as Union Jack or Camouflage.  Using Union Jack Decorations adds to the feel of the day and looks impressive, choose from a Union Jack Paper Lantern Garland, Union Jack Dangling Cutouts, a Union Jack Hanging Fan Decoration or a Union Jack Flag Foil Balloon all of which look fantastic. Union Jack Tableware such as Cups, Plates and Centrepieces are a popular way to serve food and drinks particularly for Street Parties, Barbeques and Picnics. They add to theme and makes tidying up easy. Wearing classic accessories look really cool and fun and our Union Jack and Camouflage Ranges are ideal. Our Union Jack Range includes a Bowler Hat, a Headbopper, a Union Jack Tie and Glasses and our Camouflage Range includes Sweatbands, a Cap and Bandana. Both of theses ranges capture the spirit of an Armed Forces Day Party and are vivid Armed Forces Day Party Novelties .Union Jack Party Packs make choosing simple and have everything you need for a distinctive event. Our Party Pack options are a Street Party Pack and an Accessory Pack both of which are available in two different sizes and a Union Jack Theme Pack which are all great for any Armed Forces Day Themed Party.


 Union Jack Bowler Hat                                 Army Camouflage Cap

Now is the time to start selecting all of your Armed Forces Day party supplies and taking advantage of our delivery options.


Union Jack Paper Cup (8 per pack)                      Union Jack Paper Plates 8 Plates in a Packet

How will you honour the Armed Forces this year? We would love to hear about any events you are planning.

American Independence Day Fun

American Independence Day is celebrated on the 4th July and honours the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776, 13 American colonies became a new nation, The United States of America. This day is also known as Fourth of July and July Fourth and is a national holiday with schools and workplaces closing. This is a great day to celebrate with family and friends and is characteristically spent having Barbeques, picnics, baseball games and going to parades and firework displays where it is typical to see USA Hand Waving Flags being waved and USA Hats such as Top Hats and Glitter Cowboy Hats being worn. These Barbeques and picnics are where our Disposable Tableware comes into its own and adds to the all American theme. Choose from a USA Flag Tablecover and Plate or the Barbeque Range which can all be co-ordinated.

USA Glittered Top Hat                                              USA Hand Held Flag

Independence Day Decorations play a big part in the festivities and are classically red, white and blue. Whether you are decorating your home to be patriotic or having an American Independence Day Theme Party we have a lot for you to choose from. Stars & Stripes Bunting is the perfect place to start and is a great traditional decoration which is ideal for any venue. USA Flags are available in different sizes as well as styles which include ConfederateAmerican Truck and Eagle and are very distinctive. USA Party Decorations really add fun to your theme; they are vivid and impress your guests with the effort that you have made. USA Cutouts include American Pride, Patriotic Stamp and American Flag as well as Miss Liberty and Washington DC. Stars & Stripes Decorations include a USA Star Stringer and Ceiling Decoration are always a favourite for a Fourth of July Party. American Flag Whirls and a USA Dangler are fantastic USA party decorations along with Independence Day Party Packs which are always a popular choice and capture the essence of American Independence Day. American Independence Day Party Accessories are very characteristic of the occasion and add to the mood of any party. Wear Jumbo Dollar Specs and a Dollar Medallion Necklace for a fun authentic look or alternatively a Lei or Female Patriotic Vest.

USA Flag Bunting Rectangular Flags                   American Flag Whirls 3'

Take advantage of our delivery options to order American Independence Day party products to add to your theme whether you are having a party at home or hosting an event at a bar, restaurant or pub.

Miss Liberty Cutout 33"


Patriotic Stamp Cutouts (3/pkg)


Are you hosting a Fourth of July party this year?

Prom Party Season

The Prom is an exciting and much anticipated event. After the stress and hard work of exams it is great to have the Prom to look forward to. Proms usually take place in June or July and seem to get bigger and better each year. School Proms are either in various venues often being a school hall a club or hotel. This is the big opportunity to get dressed up in formal wear and many people hire Limousines to arrive in. A school Prom is a major milestone and takes a lot of work and organising to put together this special party. A big part of Prom is the having the Prom King and Queen and presenting them with Sashes and Crowns. We are already busy personalising Prom Queen Sashes and Prom King Sashes which are big sellers and we have a choice of colours to suit. To finish off the look add a Prom King/Queen Crown or a Silver Tiara as well as a Prom King and Prom Queen Robe.

Prom Queen Pink Satin Sash        Prom King Satin Sash (1)    Prom King/Queen Plastic Jeweled King's Crown  Gold(1)


Prom night decorations transform your venue and add to the party atmosphere. Wherever your Prom is our Prom Party Decorations are perfect. Foil Slashed Curtains can transform a hall and look really effective, choose Black or Silver for a popular look. Prom themes and decorations make a fantastic impact and themed packs such as HollywoodSchool Days or a School Decoration Pack are vivid and distinctive. They make choosing easy and help to give loads of ideas. A Glittered Prom Night Banner and a Prom Column look impressive at any Prom as do Star Whirls which look great in either Black & Gold or Black & Silver. Balloons always make a stunning decoration and Black, Silver and Gold are ideal, choose from Latex or Foil Heart, Stars and Round which look impressive tied together in bunches and co-ordinate well with any colour scheme. Photo’s always make the best, fun memories and our Photo Props are ideal. Props for Photo Booth include CowboyPrincess and Pirate, they work well as individual packs or mixed together. Glow in the Dark Party Supplies are always a good choice to give out during the evening and never fails to impress. Our Glow in the Dark Packs have everything you need and are available in various amounts to go with your numbers. Flashing LED Products are also a winner at a School Prom and are amazing to give out on the night, items such as a Flashing Star Ball Necklace and Flashing Rings always help get the party going in full swing.

School Days Decoration Pack (1 Box Set)               Princess Photo Booth Kit

If you are already planning your School Prom and want exciting Prom Party Stuff then we have loads of products to help you and you have time to take advantage of our various delivery options.

Glow In The Dark Pack 1                    Star Whirls Black And Gold

Are you planning a School Prom this year? We would love to hear your ideas.

Eurovision Themed Party

The Eurovision Song Contest takes place this year on 13th May in Kiev in Ukraine. This classic night is full of music, fun and sparkle. The United Kingdom’s entry is ‘Never Give Up On You’ by Lucie Jones. The Eurovision Song Contest is held every year in May in the city of the earlier years winner and the first ever Eurovision was on 24th May 1956 in Lugano, Switzerland and seven nations took part. Abba has been the most successful Eurovision winner. It is always traditional to have a Eurovision Song Contest party watching with friends and we have lots of Eurovision party ideas to help you put this together.

Shot Glass On Beaded Necklace                   Union Jack Hand Held Flag

Eurovision Flags are the perfect way to decorate your venue, start with the hosting country Ukraine and then add the country you are supporting. We have loads of Flags in various sizes for you to choose from to root for your country as well as Eurovision Hand Waving Flags, Table Top Flags and Bunting.  If you are cheering on The United Kingdom go to town with a Union Jack Flag, a Hand Waving Flag, a Table Top Flag and Union Jack Bunting to complete the look. Having some shots and playing drinking games also adds to the fun and our shot glasses are ideal for this. Choose from either a Shot Glass on a Beaded Necklace or a Test Tube Shot Glass and have a shot every time a country scores a certain amount of points. Of course the evening would not be complete without food which could be themed to traditional food of the hosting country or just lots of nibbles. To keep the Eurovision theme going you can use an International Flag Tablecover or International Flag Table Runner both of which look fantastic and co-ordinate with International Cups, Plates and Napkins to complete the look . Once the Eurovision themed party is underway Inflatable Instruments will definitely be a hit, Inflatable Guitars are a popular choice and the Metallic Guitars fit the Glitzy theme as do the Inflatable Microphones and Saxophones or select an Inflatable Band Pack for easy shopping. Party Poppers and Party Cannons are a must have Eurovision Party Product to let off to celebrate the winner of the contest.

Inflatable Guitar - Assorted Metallic Colours         Inflatable Microphones 40cm   Inflatable Band Pack

There is still enough time to get all of your Eurovision Song Contest party supplies ready for your party with our different delivery options.

Holographic Gold Party Popper - 20                                 Party Cannon - Jumbo Party Cannon Shoots multi-col confetti 12 metres

Are you hosting or going to a Eurovision Song Contest party? We would love to hear from you as to where you will be watching.

Easter Party

Easter Weekend is 14th April and the perfect time to spend with family and friends. Having friends over or going out for walks or picnics is the ideal way to enjoy the many Easter Traditions of Easter Bonnets,  bunnies, chicks, eggs, and delicious Easter Foods such as Hot Cross Buns and Simnel Cake. Easter Egg Hunts are a great way to amuse the children at Easter and are always good fun.

Easter Egg Bunting             Happy Easter SignHappy Easter Banner Metallic Fringe

Decorating your home or venue for an Easter Party adds to the atmosphere of the day and we have a fantastic range of distinctive Easter Decorations for you to choose from. Easter Bunting is a classic decoration to put up and we have a choice of Easter Egg Bunting or Pink Bunting with white dots, both look really effective as does a Happy Easter Banner and Sign. Egg Decorations in Lilac & White, Pink & White and Yellow & White make an amazing impact when put up especially as they are in the characteristic Easter colours. An Easter Egg Paper Garland and Easter Egg Whirls keep up the Easter Egg Theme and add to the enjoyment of the any Easter Themed Party. Easter Cutout Decorations are always a popular choice for any get-together. If you are looking for Easter Accessories then Bunny Ears are good fun, as well as Flashing Bunny Ears, Pink and Blue are also available.  Disposable Easter Tableware is a must for any Easter Theme and Pastel Pink, Lavender and Baby Blue can be co-ordinated for an Easter look to serve chocolate eggs.

Mini Easter Egg Cutout Decoration    Easter Egg Paper Garland        Easter Egg Whirls

Using our delivery options there is still lots of time to get all of your Easter party products ready for an amazing Easter Weekend.


Easter Cutouts 4 In A Pack                                   Lilac & White Tissue Egg Decoration


Happy Easter from Novelties Direct.


Bunny Ears - Pink                            Bunny Ears -Light Blue


How are you spending Easter? Are you hosting any Easter events?

‘Wear A Hat Day’

‘Wear A Hat Day’ is this Friday, 31st March and is great to get involved with. This day raises money and awareness for Brain Tumour Research. There are loads of ways to get involved wearing hats both socially and in the workplace. Getting together with friends for breakfasts, lunches or tea and wearing a hat is a fun idea or wearing a hat to work whether in an office, shop or restaurant not only supports this fantastic cause but is also adds to the atmosphere. A Themed Hat Party is also an enjoyable way to raise money and get friends involved.

Glitter Bowler Hat Silver            Glitter Top Hat - Black                       Glitter Cowboy Hat Red

We have a huge range of hats for you to choose from to wear on Friday. Whether you are looking for Glitter Hats, Funky Hats or Themed Hats Novelties Direct is the place to shop. If you fancy adding some glitz and sparkle to your day then Glitter Bowler Hats, Glitter Top Hats and Glitter Cowboy Hats are perfect for you. Choose from a variety of colours including Black, RedGold and Blue. If it is a Gangster look that you are going for then a classic Black and White Gangster Hat is ideal as is a Neon or Sequin Gangster Hat in assorted colours. A Beany Hat always looks cool and we have colours to suit everyone. Straw Hats add a feeling of summer especially the Beachcomber Hats which also look lovely with flowers and Straw Fedoras with Neon Trim.  With such a vibrant selection of hats you are sure to impress this year on ‘Wear A Hat Day’.

Al Capone Hat Black Flock With White Silk Band             Neon Gangster Hat Assorted Colours (4)           Sequin Gangster Hat - Gold


With our choice of delivery options including a next day delivery service,  it is still not too late to order your hats.

Beanie Hat's Assorted Colours              Beachcomber Hat With Flowers                 Straw Fedora Hat with Neon Pink Trim


Are you wearing a hat this Friday? What will you choose?


Striped Jester Hat                        Flying Emu Hat with Legs                  Smiley Face Bowler Hat